NCFA Charitable
NCFA Charitable
Napa City Firefighters Charitable Fund

UPDATE: We have sold out of all of our T-shirts. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us and continue to support us. With your help we were able to assist countless families heal and rebuild. Thank you!


The destruction from the wildfires that began in Northern California on October 8th, 2017 has left a mark on our community. In the midst of this tragedy, we witnessed the resilience and love that our community possesses, the strength of strangers coming together, and the heroism and determination of our first responders.

Now we rebuild. We heal. We overcome. And we do it TOGETHER.

100% of the proceeds from this T-shirt campaign will be put back into rebuilding our community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the support.

we are stronger together


This campaign, TOGETHER, was initiated by a group of wives and girlfriends of our own Napa City Firefighters.
This is their message:

We started this campaign as a way to contribute in an overwhelming and frightening time. We were inspired by the sense of community we witnessed and the resilience we saw amongst our neighbors — the strength of strangers coming together to support each other. Despite unbelievable loss and heartache, we saw an abundance of love and kindness. Despite the initial uncertainty and fear, we saw hope and faith. Faith in our first responders, faith in our community leaders, faith in each other, faith in ourselves.

We are the wives and girlfriends of Napa City Firefighters. When they ran toward the flames, we turned to our Fire Family. We leaned on one another and we were comforted by the support that poured in from friends, neighbors, colleagues — even complete strangers. We were not alone. Our firefighters were not alone. Those affected by these fires are not alone.

We will all get through this. We are stronger together.


The Northern California Fires

Photos Courtesy of Chris Smead Photography